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 Trik (weapons) WS Lakeside village

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Trik (weapons) WS Lakeside village Empty
PostSubject: Trik (weapons) WS Lakeside village   Trik (weapons) WS Lakeside village EmptyMon Nov 12, 2007 7:23 am

Enhanced Wooden Shield 90 Gold Coins

Fur Pants 75 Gold Coins

Fur Torso 75 Gold Coins

Iron Battle Hammer 350 Gold Coins

Iron Broad Sword 270 Gold Coins

Iron Chain 100 Gold Coins

Iron Helm 75 Gold Coins

Iron Shield 200 Gold Coins

Iron Sword 175 Gold Coins

Leather Armor 50 Gold Coins

Leather Boots 45 Gold Coins

Leather Gloves 20 Gold Coins

Leather Helmet 20 Gold Coins

Leather Pants 40 Gold Coins

Quarter Staff 260 Gold Coins

Steel Long 450 Gold Coins

Wood Battle Hammer 145 Gold Coins

Wood Staff 185 Gold Coins

Wooden Shield 50 Gold Coins
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Trik (weapons) WS Lakeside village
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